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Make Serious Illness Education Accessible

Naveon’s video series supports patients getting the best care possible, aligned with their values. And it empowers care teams with the support they deserve to provide quality care.

Patients and families that begin our videos are highly engaged



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“Naveon is a great resource for patients and families who are experiencing serious illness, including why it is important to plan ahead and how hope changes over time. The educational materials are short, engaging and deliver key information to help improve understanding of the situation they are in.  Better understanding of these topics is critical to improve shared decision making and outcomes.”

– Susan Nelson, MD, Leadership Council, National POLST

“Often times, families dealing with serious illness of a loved one don’t know where to begin.  Naveon helps them organize their thoughts and formulate the questions to ask. Naveon has been helpful to prepare them to have those much needed discussions.”

– Anne S., RN, BSN, Pinnacle Palliative


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Engaged patients are satisfied patients. Learn more about how we can support your organization’s quality goals and deliver an ROI.  


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About Naveon

Naveon is a built-for-purpose patient engagement and education company. For a fraction of the cost of a medical assistant, your practice can deliver consistent and understandable engagement along with education on the most important topics, which leads to better experiences and outcomes for everyone.

Support patients and families to understand…

  • Their illness

  • The options for care

  • What kind of care they want

Support your care team in the vital area of education with…

  • Easy-to-access, easy-to-understand resources on key topics

  • A uniform vocabulary on what are often difficult conversations

  • The building blocks that every patient and family need to engage in their care

Support your organization in addressing systemic challenges around…

  • Educating and augmenting existing skills of current staff

  • Generating earlier hospice referrals

  • Improving care team productivity by utilizing asynchronistic education (available to patients/families 24x7)

Education and understanding drive quality care

Helping Leading Caregivers Build Deeper Connections

As a user of Axxess, you understand the importance of innovative care. Axxess is tailor-made for the serious illness journey, whether in palliative care, hospice, or home health.


Naveon has partnered with Axxess to bring you high-impact serious illness education modules for patients, their families, and your team.

Education and understanding drive quality and a return on value

  • Reduced suffering and improved financial bottom line

  • Patients and families move more quickly into hospice

  • Evidence reveals that patients who have effective palliative care enjoy more days in hospice and have less use of high-cost care in ICUs and Emergency Rooms

  • Evidence reveals that patients and caregivers who have effective palliative care enjoy a higher quality of life

Serious Illness Module

  • Planning Ahead

  • How Hope Grows

  • Types of Medical Care

  • What is a DNR Order?

  • Understanding CPR

  • Feeding Tubes

  • Thinking About Life Support

  • When is Hospice Helpful?

  • What to Expect From Hospice

Hospice ROI

  • If 1 patient a month moves into hospice 2 days earlier, the program pays for itself

  • Higher patient & family satisfaction

  • Increase care team member's productivity by providing the building blocks to key conversations

What You Get

  • Serious Illness Module

  • 9 videos

  • 10% discount for Axxess clients, $270 a month per location

Support more engaged and informed patients and families

When is Hospice Helpful: A video that helps reframe hospice, explaining what it does and how it benefits patients and their families.

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