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Easily Empower 
Patients Living with HIV

Provide your care team with a resource to ensure everyone they provide care for has access to easy-to-understand, easy-to-access information.

Highly Engaging Educational Videos

This module has 6 videos exploring key topics for patients living with HIV to improve medical compliance and peace of mind.

Proven Results

Engagement with recommended content

Daily check-ins utilized

24x7 Access

Patients can access content whenever they want and from any location.

Support Clinical Encounters

Care Team members can review videos with patients in-person or remotely and then discuss any concerns or questions in person.

Monitor Patient Engagement

Unlike written materials, Naveon allows the team to see engagement with each topic.

Ensure Uniform Language

Patients have access to important information in an easy-to-understand format.

Discover the benefits

“Newly diagnosed patients with HIV are usually in crisis.  They do best when they understand they can thrive and know what they need to do to stay healthy. Naveon provides a simple tool to support our team as they support our patients to do just that.”

– Tim Young, Open Health Care Clinic


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About Naveon

Naveon is a built-for-purpose patient engagement and education company. For a fraction of the cost of a medical assistant, your practice can deliver consistent and understandable engagement along with education on the most important topics, which leads to better experiences and outcomes for everyone.

Integrated with diverse EMRs

Naveon is currently integrated with PointClickCare, athenahealth, and EPIC. This integrates our platform with your team’s workflow. We are currently expanding our integrations

Offer Your Patients Easy, Unlimited Access

Patients can access the videos either on a page on your website, a custom site we can create for you, or through our mobile app.

Your Customizable Content Library

In addition to the extensive range of Naveon video modules, you are welcome to add your own content, as well as promote your organization’s services and offerings. 

How it works


Whether you choose to provide access through a website or our mobile app, Naveon offers flat fee pricing by care site, allowing unlimited users, patients, and Care Teams to use the platform.

A Low-Cost, High-Impact Solution

Customize & Personalize the Experience

Customize engagements and content to each of your locations, and personalize it to a patient’s condition.


Deliver Consistent Engagement in Less Time

Streamline the process of education, and centralize communication between your Care Team and their patients, saving time and reducing stress.


Helping Leading Caregivers Build Deeper Connections

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