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At the heart of
good care is
great communication.

Making the important conversations easier, together.

Flexible Solutions
for Multiple Care Settings 

Naveon is an easy-to-use engagement and education platform. Empower your care team to better support your patients on their health or illness journey. Adaptable to most care settings, Naveon provides your team, your patients, and their families a resource for better understanding and communication.


Our comprehensive video library allows your ICU Care Team to more easily support families with the information they need on key topics throughout their ICU stay.

Topics for Serious Illness

Planning ahead and making decisions is never easy, but with Naveon’s customizable educational video series, you can more easily support patients and their families to choose the care that is best for them.

Discharge Planning

Help your patients and families prepare for discharge. Our simple educational videos will help your patients and their families prepare for a safe and comfortable transition.


A platform to provide your newly diagnosed patients with the information they need to more quickly understand what they can do to live a long, healthy life.

Average completion rate of educational videos across care settings and topics.

Of videos are watched all the way through.

Invited patients/family members access Naveon

Proven Results that matter

Make Education easy to access, easy to understand.

All content modules can be easily accessed online or through a mobile app. You can utilize Naveon’s extensive range of educational content, and even create and upload your own, as well as customize your content library to suit each location and if desired, patient's diagnosis. Naveon also provides easy access to your organization’s services and offerings.

Accelerate patient understanding and improve your team’s productivity.

Inconsistent and delayed communication negatively impacts quality, cost and the ability to move patients across the continuum of care.  Offering every patient or their surrogate the opportunity for a consistent connection, education and understanding aligns outcomes with financial objectives.

Get to know who you are caring for.

Our platform enables condition-specific engagements so that patients and/or their surrogates can share important information on the patient’s preferences, goals, and values. By knowing who you are caring for more deeply, your team can provide better care more easily and improve patient and family satisfaction.

Make the important conversations a little easier.

Educate patients and their families more efficiently on key topics. Naveon’s content modules are highly engaging, creating better understanding and shared decision-making with their Care Teams, no matter where care is provided.

Ability to integrate with diverse EMRs

Naveon is currently integrated with PointClickCare, athenahealth, and EPIC. This integrates our platform with your team’s workflow. We are currently expanding our integrations.

Discover the benefits

“Naveon has been a great resource for those wanting more information about serious illness topics, including why it is important to plan ahead and how hope changes over time. We’re thrilled to see engagement rates where on average, viewers complete 80% of the videos they watch, with over 40% completing the entire video. Better understanding of these topics is critical to getting to better shared decision making and outcomes.” 

– Susan Nelson, MD, Leadership Council, National POLST


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About Naveon

Naveon is a built-for-purpose patient engagement and education company. For a fraction of the cost of a medical assistant, your practice can deliver consistent and understandable engagement along with education on the most important topics, which leads to better experiences and outcomes for everyone.

Helping Leading Caregivers Build Deeper Connections

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